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Lesson 1

DON't hesitate any longer!

Your first step is made, you're looking where to book your kitesurfing lessons and if this is your sport!

We take away all those doubts, and would love to learn you this amazing sport!

Why is kiteboarding the best sport?!
We have been teaching kitesurfing for years and years, and still as enthusiastic as the first day! There is nothing better than feeling free on the beach and sea with your kite and board.

What are we going to do?
Our grouplessons kitesurfing is a 3 hour lesson together with maximal 2 others in a group. The nice thing about a grouplesson is that you'll all learn from eachother, and you are all coming with the same goal: Learn how to kitesurf!

Kitesurfing lesson 1
  • With which wind can we go kitesurfing? 
  • Safety on the beach and in the water 
  • How to steer the kite?
  • Explaining the safety-systems
  • Launching and landing the kite
  • Full control of the kite
  • How to get your kite back out of the water?
  • Downwind bodydragging
Kitesurfing lesson 2
  • Short repeat of lesson 1
  • Bodydragging
  • Upwind bodydrag
  • Explanation how to make a boardstart
  • Making your first boardstarts!
  • Practice boardstarts and making your first meters
Kitesurfing lesson 3
  • Mostly: Doing it is learning it!
  • Improve boardstarts
  • What is the good body position while kitesurfing?
  • Are you kitesurfing all the way back to the beach?
  • Advice about kiteboarding gear!

During these lessons you learned everything about kitesurfing. You are now a independent kitesurfer!


Interested in a kitesurfing lesson? Book now or contact us.Our lessons range from beginner to advanced and we teach on multiple locations in the Netherlands.


€89,- p.p.

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  • The best instructors
    The best instructors

    Ronald and Sander are both IKO certified and have years of experience.

  • Safe lessons
    Safe lessons

    The best and safest gear there is combined with the knowledge to teach our students in a safe way.

  • The best gear
    The best gear

    We use the best and newest gear there is: Duotone Kiteboarding and ION essentials.

  • Honest

    Our instructors will always give honest answer to your questions. We take time to explain every piece of kiteboarding 

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